Piledriver Spear Magazine

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Generates 2 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the current DP Cost when retreated
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 150
atk 50
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 80 enemies with Bagpipe (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 4-5 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Bagpipe, and have Bagpipe defeat at least 4 Arts Guards
Additional Information


Module Description

Every graduate of the Victorian Royal Guard Academy must go through one final, major examination before their formal ceremony.
And these were the exam details Bagpipe received: infiltrate a logistics warehouse in south Castshire County, and rescue a civilian abducted by local bandits.
Before departing, Bagpipe was called to the staff office.
'Do not alarm the local barracks or the police.'
'Do not bring unrelated affairs in this.'
'Do not sustain injury.'
These were the three requirements her teacher relayed to her.
'Are these orders, Mr. Slim?'
'Ugh,' he sighed, looking her up and down. 'Take this as a request from me to you.'
Earnest, Bagpipe jotted these three requests down in her pocket notebook, and at the top, she gave the 'rescue!' she'd already written before a mighty underline.
The first half of the mission went without a hitch.
She infiltrated the target location, laid under a container, waited a full ten hours, and finally the bandits showed.
'How about her?'
'Shut her by herself in the red car. How do we handle her?'
'How? How do we handle her? YOU do me a clean bloody job is how.'
The red car. Bagpipe's ears immediately caught the key words, and she locked onto the target without any wasted time.
Lights out for the two bandits posted in the car, and she found the civilian, anaesthetized and unconscious, as well as catching another group's conversation.
'They all staying put?'
'Drugged them good. Not going nowhere.'
'IDs in order?'
'Baron helped sweeten the police. They move fast.'
'Any other locals noticed?'
'Noticed? They just came from Sargon, plus they're all criminal. You think their families'll want to come looking for them?'
'Alright, then we're off tonight. Got a dozen labs in Columbia poking us in the arse to get this done.'
Two seconds Bagpipe hesitated, then she opened her notebook to look. Three seconds her eyes lingered on the first line, and then she shut it.
The sound of a freight lorry's ignition reaching her ears, she glanced left and right, then found the largest parked vehicle around, and with the mission objective on her back, hopped into the driver's cab.
Engine on, accelerator down, nice and easy.
The freight lorry didn't get very far at all, before running straight into a container crane that showed up at the entrance out of nowhere. Driven like it was possessed, it smashed half the warehouse wall while it was at it.
A few minutes later, the alarmed police scurried over, and led away twelve bandits all seeing stars, as well as Bagpipe, who'd lost a bit of skin off her left index finger.
Once back at school, Bagpipe sought out the teacher.
'I'm sorry about those three requests. I couldn't even manage one of them.'
For a long while, the teacher was silent, before picking up a recommendation letter to hand her.
'Ehhh? Storm Company? Could I really, Mr. Slim?'
'I had the letter ready long ago.'
'Oh, thank you, sir!'
'That said... do you know who the person you got into a car crash was?'
'The mission target, right? No?'
'A soldier from the Storm Company acting as an unconscious civilian. She and her squadmates were tasked with taking out those twelve bandits in the first place. By the way, thanks to you, their mission's already done.'
'So where was my target, then?'
'In the car accident. Don't worry, none of them came to harm, and they're all home safe and sound now.'
'Then, umm, then... I completed my mission after all?'
'You did.' The teacher patted her on the shoulder, let out another sigh, and spoke. 'You pass. After you officially report in for duty, you'll be allowed real Fortcracker shells.'
Bagpipe's eyes went wide. Realizing her teacher meant she could be like all the other students, cheering and celebrating their own happy graduation, she pumped her fists, the excitement growing vast in her face.
'I was thinkin', odd that 'civilian' was over two meters! And she was just too cool! Can-can-can I really be squadmates with soldiers just like her? I... oh, do I need to think of a codename too? What did you say they all use? Instruments? I... hold on, I don't even need to switch codenames then! Sir, sir, is there anythin' you think I should probably bring when I report in? I dunno, d'you think they might not like mince puddin'? Oh, and, and...'
Don't fault me for this, Rita, trust me.
Your teacher can't help knowing she's a true good student, and she'll be... she'll be a fine soldier too, for sure.