Portable Electrical Measuring Equipment

Lvl: 40
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Attacks deal Arts damage and jump between 4 enemies. Each jump no longer deals less damage and inflicts a brief Slow
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 70
attack_speed 4
Unlock Information
Deal a total of 150,000 damage with Pudding (Pudding cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme 2-10 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Pudding, and have Pudding's skill Diffusion Current defeat at least 2 Heavy Defenders
Additional Information


Module Description

To Pudding, nothing beats the time spent kicking back and relaxing in a Sami cabin.
On Sami's south border, Columbians have obtained land and resources from the Sami through trade, nomadic cities following caravans and mining ships crossing age-old tundra. The founding of trade enclaves represents the first time in a century the Sami have opened borders, Columbian caravans and corporate engineer teams becoming frequent guests at Sami's frontier. Ever since she was young, Pudding's frequently gone with her parents to Sami, headed for that ancient land.
Ice and snow blanket the earth wide, sunshine spilling over and refracting, as if a realm paved full with gems. But this is only one corner of Sami.
'On the tundras of Sami far from civilization, in the forever hibernal Fjal Vetrtonn, most Sami by far still carry on their millennium-old ancient way of life. They're far removed from the Columbian enclave, indifferently surveying all from the Fjal Vetrtonn and bone-chilling winds. Time freezes upon their skin,' says the Sarkaz owner of the coffee shop. 'Don't you want to go deeper and see? See the sights of those tundras and mountains, how the Sami get along with nature in the wilderness.'
'Am I allowed to?' Pudding hesitantly asks. 'I'm not sure if they'd welcome a city person like me...'
'Sami does not defy its own fate. We know what it faces, and know how it will respond.'
And so Pudding signs up to join a local supporting construction project, departing early morning one day, going with the team of Columbian engineers into the Myrkwood that she once only gazed at from afar.
In the primordial woods, the Sami steadfastly distance from modern technology. Only one subset, a wetland settlement near to the autonomous region, is willing to receive the Columbian engineers' help.
Constructing a base station, connecting cables, turning on the village's first bulbs... Pudding stares at the faint lights, and the grin of satisfied wonderment on some Sami faces, and it suddenly hits her just what technology means to these people.
But it's only in places more remote still, where the true secrets of the Sami lie, a land the Columbians cannot pry into.
Pudding's vacation will be over very soon. She writes up her experiences in the village into a report, and puts it inside her suitcase, ready to take it back to Columbia.
I'll come back again very soon, she thinks happily.
Yet because of one accident, this hope, ordinary by all rights, spends a long, long time delayed, before she can make good on it.