Field Sniper Equipment

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
If the attacked enemy remains alive, gain 1 additional SP
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 80
atk 60
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 25 enemy ranged units with Firewatch (Firewatch cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme 2-10 with a 3-star rating; a non-Support Firewatch must be deployed during the operation, and Firewatch must defeat Skullshatterer
Additional Information


Module Description

The leaves were inserted into a small novel as bookmarks.

'The Knight's Forest,' page 21.
'Let me join your knight squad!'
'Ask again when you're a little older.'
'That's what you said last time! I've waited a whole year, and I've gotten really good with my crossbow! I can hit a tree branch from 200 meters away!'
'Fine then, if you can go outside town, slay a gloompincer, and bring it back to camp before nightfall, I'll let you join.'
The squad captain couldn't talk the young girl out of it, so he wanted to make things as hard for her as possible so that she would reconsider.
Though he had said those words half-jokingly, how could he possibly leave a child to fight against a gloompincer alone? He followed the girl quietly, curious as to what she planned to do. But when he saw her scouting out a sniping position, camouflaging into the environment, and then landing three clean shots in a row, he changed his mind.
The captain appeared in front of the girl as she dragged the corpse of the gloompincer back to town, the slain beast almost bigger than herself.
'Come with me from now on.'
The girl lifted her head with a smile across her muddied face.

'The Knight's Forest,' page 53.
Time flies, and so the young girl grew up. She had fought in many battles against the Ursus Army, scoring success after success. The knights would come and go like the wind, routing the Ursus troops before disappearing without a trace. As their names spread fear through the ranks of the Ursus Army, the knights' prestige soared ever higher, and the girl herself became a war hero in the eyes of the people.
'We won again. Why are you frowning?' The girl asked the captain.
'Winter is almost here, and our supplies are running short. How long can we persist like this?'

'The Knights' Forest,' page 137.
The fated day finally came.
When the enemy army invaded, the knights prepared to sweep them with their usual hit-and-run tactics. But at that moment, the might of Ursus's artillery fell directly on top of them, and the knights were completely unable to put up a fight in the face of overwhelming military strength......
'Impossible! How could Ursus possibly know our precise location? It's utterly impossible, unless––'
The girl didn't have time for idle thoughts. The most important thing was to break free from the enemy's siege. If she died here, everything would've been for naught.
'One day, I'll find you, whoever you are––'
Against insurmountable odds, the girl somehow managed to escape the hail of bullets. Behind her... came the smoke of her hometown ablaze.

'The Knights' Forest,' page 201.
All the pages of the book after this point were burnt, the edges of the leaf caught between the pages singed.

The leaf was laminated and stowed in the girls' tactical equipment box. Every time she put away her equipment, she would take another look at that leaf.
This may be the last leaf from her hometown that she can still see.
This is the story of an ancient war. Just another story.
But to Firewatch, this book – and the sole leaf remaining – seems to hold some deeper significance.