Zumama's Tool Box

Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
SP recovery is slowed except when blocking enemies
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 105
def 85
Talent Information
Increases this unit's SP recovery by 0.55/sec when blocking enemies
Unlock Information
Deal a total of 60,000 damage with Eunectes (excluding Support Units)
Clear Side Story RI-EX-4 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Eunectes, and have Eunectes defeat at least 1 Tiacauh Champion


Module Description

Evaluation No.: RDLEDSG03
Operator Code Name: Eunectes
Full Name: Zumama
Time Registered: Half a year
Participant in:
1. Design, development, component production and assembly of colossal-scale machine 'Raging Ironhide.'
2. Testing, restoration and upgrades of all-new energy emission devices in the training grounds
3. Improved designs for remote-control drone swarm weapon mounting plans.
4. Servicing of Rhodes Island Landship automated navigation systems.
5. Self-researched planning for some machine hyper-remodeling, audited and launched with the Engineering Department.
12. Daily maintenance, painting, and emotional communication with and guidance of intelligent operation platform Lancet-2 (note: applied for by Operator herself and not conducted under official Engineering Department authority. Engineering Department does not interfere excessively in light of Lancet-2's behavioral non-rejection of Eunectes).
Overall evaluation:
Operator Eunectes has participated in multiple projects and displayed impressive performance in all aspects since joining the Engineering Department, and now tentatively possesses the capacity to research, develop and work independently.
Supplement from Officer-in-Charge (directly dictated):
Jeez, do we have to make these evaluations so formal every time? Could be doing WORK here... If someone's my disciple, they're worth educating. She learned how to test microcapacitor unit performance and then straight away, she managed to fumble a whole breadboard together! She's gifted! Really resembles me there! And she's hardworking. Read through every single engineering book the landship has over the past half year, and she finds people to discuss with everywhere. They don't put half of the true might of technology to print, though. She's got a lot more to learn. As for why she's so eager, well, don't ask me. Probably hasn't scooped her jaw up from the floor since she landed on Rhodes Island... She's had two sorta major awakenings in her life, right? First was seeing a nomadic city pass by with her own eyes when she was a kid, second was seeing a talking Lancet-2 in Acahualla. I can see the hopes in her, for machines, for herself. There's a possibility in there... in the not-distant future, I bet she'll be able to build machines with her own two hands that surprise even herself. Maybe her creations will lead Terra in technological innovation. I might just hand my Chief Engineer position to her when the time comes, it's not out of the question... That last one was a joke, don't write it down.

Date: Dec 13
Approver: Closure