[April Fool!] Arkinights News Update: I Can’t Wait for Summer with… Schwanz??

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

I Can’t Wait for Summer with… Schwanz??


In a surprise maneuver, Arknights has said that for Global release, they will be changing the name of popular and highly anticipated CN Operator [Schwarz].  The name of the edgy point-blank Sniper when she comes for Global will instead be [Schwanz]. In the announcement, the publishers said that they had thought long and hard about the swap, and didn’t want to get a rise out of people, but that consumer studies had shown the new name would allow for deeper market penetration.  They hope that CN [Schwarz] fans won’t blow this out of proportion. It might be a little painful at first, they said, but relax, and it will feel better once you are used to it. They urge players to keep an open mind and give the [Schwanz] a chance, you never know what you might like until you try it.

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