Arknghts PSA: Consider Buying These Skins Now!

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Article by Alyeska

Consider Buying These Skins Now!

In the most recent event on CN: [Stultifera Navis], 2 things happened that are of interest to Skin collectors:

1. Specter had an alter character released: Specter the Unchained. 

2. The W Skin [Fugue] got a Live2D upgrade, additional skin voice lines,  and the price increased to 24 OP

In the current Outfit Store, the W skin and the Specter skin are for sale.

  • If you buy the current Specter skin with Originite Prime (buying with a skin voucher doesn't count), when her alter [Specter the Unchained] is released, you will receive a skin voucher that allows you to buy any skin currently for sale in the outfit store.  This makes it basically a buy-one-get-one-free deal for the current Specter skin!
  • If you buy the W Skin now, you will get the Live2D and voice line upgrades for free when they are released, so you will only need to pay 18 OP for it now, rather than 24 OP for it later, effectively saving 6 OP.  Keep in mind, however, that W is a limited Operator, which means she will only be available on limited banners in the celebration series, and at a very low off-rate.  So if you do not plan to spark for her, it is probably not a good idea to pre-buy a skin you may never get to use.
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