Arknights: April 2nd Maintenance Details for both EN and CN!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

EN Maintenance

Arknights Maintenance


Content Update: Fixed some localization errors.

Compensation: 200 Orundum.

CN Maintenace Updates

Arknights CN Maintenance Closure


Update contents:

  • Data preload for Spring Dailies and other events
  • Data preload for the new 【Standard Headhunting】 on 02 April 04:00
  • Data preload for the Gold Certificate shop refresh on 02 April 04:00
  • Fixed a bug where the "Successfully Added Friend" message appears when rejecting friend request
  • Fixed a bug where clearing a CC stage with a support without skill will result in a black screen
  • Fixed the icons displaying incorrectly in the annihilation end screen if a support is brought
  • Fixed 【Bibeak】's infra skill "Craftsmanship·α" having incorrect mood consumption
  • Adjusted some operators' artwork details
  • Fixed typos in 【Bagpipe】 and 【Gravel】's character files

Maintenance compensation: 200 Orundum

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