Arknights CN: Caerula Arbor website and minigame

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Article by harezora
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Weibo post

Following the tracks Mizuki left behind, you came to the end of the land.
The sea breeze blows past your shoulder, to the other side of the sea.
Your ending is there, and you have not started yet.
Pack your bags and get ready, the sea awaits you.


Website things


Translation posted as a comment on Arknights Story Log on Facebook. One of my favourite FB pages.


Roll some stats, roll moves and get encounters. Some of the items are interesting, like the Liberi Eating Fries or orca plushie that Alchemaniac got.

/waits faster for implementation

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Just a female Doctor with overflowing love for husbandos and the deep lore of the Arknights story.

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