Arknights CN: Dev Notes - Achievement System With Indra/Vulcan Selector, Ursus Student Group Sidestory, and More!

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Contingency Contract Season #1


Translation Credit: Jetroyz of RIHQ Server

  • Contingency Contract Season #1 【Operation Pyrite】 will begin in early June.
  • New risks and stages will be available. New and old skins will also be available for exchange in the Cross-season Shop. Players can also attempt all new achievements in this season of CC through the new 【Path of Glory】 (see Note·3) system to obtain Etched Seals and rewards. Additionally, a familiar face will be appearing as well. Defeat her to complete the related challenges.

What is Contingency Contract?  See our explanation page or the Event Pages for the first 2 CC Events here:

New Side Story Featuring the Ursus Student Council!

  • In mid-late June, we will have a new event 【Children of Ursus]
  • This event will focus on the stories of the various operators from the Ursus Student Council. New operators and costumes will also be released.

Current Members of the Ursus Student Group at Rhodes Island:

New Achievement System - 【Path of Glory】


In early June, the following new systems will be released along with the new season of Contingency Contract:

  • 【Path of Glory】

The Path of Glory system will provide many achievements for players to strive towards as they grow in the game. Clearing these achievements will reward the player with the corresponding Etched Seals (certain Special Achievements will also have additional rewards). Completing higher tier achievements will also grant Etched Seals with tougher conditions (?).

After the Path of Glory system is implemented, some achievement targets will be calculated retroactively, but others will start from zero (e.g. number of open recruitments done). More types of Etched Seals will be added in the future, providing more goals for players to achieve.

Current Special Achievement rewards:

  • Perform open recruitment x times to obtain "Vulcan/Indra recruitment ticket", which can be used to Vulcan or Indra

Skin Gallery


The Costume Gallery will show all costumes ever released. Players can check which costumes they own and change their operators' currently equipped costume/purchase costumes currently on sale.

Maybe it will look something like these?

Side Story Viewer


The Information Processing Room has recorded all the various story content of Side-stories and Mini-stories from the server's start, and will continue to record event stories from future events as well. Currently, players will be able to check the Side-story contents that have been unlocked, whereas locked content will be unlockable through other methods in the future.

Additionally, previous Mini-story events can be unlocked using the related tokens. After this system is implemented, we will distribute tokens to each player corresponding to the number of story events players have unlocked in previous Mini-stories. These tokens can also be obtained from other events in the future.

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