Arknights CN: Dev Notes - Upcoming Events including Grani Re-run!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Dev Notes #5


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

Rewinding Breeze:

  • Operators in Rhodes Island come from different places around this land. The voice and scenery of their hometown is already blurred in their memories. However, when we look at the sky that covers everything, we realize that the hometown we are looking for is actually in our heart.
  • Autumn Series Events - Storyset [Rewinding Breeze] coming in late September with new Operators, skins and furniture Theme.
Grani Rerun

Grani Rerun

  • Autumn Series Events - Sidestory [Grani and the Treasure of Knights] Retrospection and log-in event coming in early October
  • Sidestory [Grani and the Treasure of Knights] Retrospection will be available in early October. The event shop in this event will be lightweight and the limited recruitment [Behold the sword of Tide] will be encored again. Besides the Autumn log-in event, the [Grani and the Treasure of Knights] log-in supply will also be available and you can get the corresponding [Bounty Hunter Coins] when logged in.

Rerun Description:

  • This rerun will inherit stages and first clear rewards from the previous [Grani and the Treasure of Knights] event (aka if you already cleared the event, you cannot get the first clear rewards again) 
  • The event rewards that can't be obtained twice will be converted into [Intelligence Certs]
  • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in Certs Shop, more new items will be added into the shop.

[The Kazimierz Major]

  • Welcome to Kavaleriaki, the Great Knights Dominion. Welcome to Kazimierz! And Welcome to the 24th Karzimierz Knights Major! Ancient combat! Wonderful Knights! The battle of honor between knights! The continuous improvement of swords and techniques! And in the most perfect recreation facilities in the whole Terra! Splurge! Enjoy! Forget any annoyance in the world! In Kavaleriaki, here, you will embrace the real life! Now purchase the Mesko arena pass, and enjoy the privilege in 18 arenas.
  • Side story [Maria Nearl] coming in mid October, including new stages, stories, Operators, Skins and furniture.
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