Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #15 - Kjerag Event, Nine-Colored Deer, Who is Real Rerun, and Permanent Integrated Strategies!

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Kjerag Event


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

  • Kjerag, known as Snow Realm, is a small country in snowbergs. As the window of trading in Karlan, it received a rapid development in recent years. However, what behind the development is the sharpening of the conflicts between three families in Karlan. Many signs shows that something is about to happen on this silver coated land. While at this moment, Doctor accept the invitation from the owner of Karlan Trade Co. Ltd., Enciodes Silverash, and head to Kjerag. What is waiting for Doctor? It’s conspiracy, or...
  • Sidestory [Break the Ice] will be available in Late December including new event stages, stories, new skins and themed furniture. Also, New Year Series Events will also be available in Late December

Nine Colored Deer

Nine Colored Deer

[Arknights × Nine Colored Deer] "吉兆呈祥" Log-in event will be available in Early January. Log in on the first day to obtain the collaboration operator [Nine Colored Deer]


The collaboration operator [Nine Colored Deer] can only be obtained in this log-in event and won't join any [Standard Headhunting] and [Public Recruitment]

[Who is Real Rerun]


Sidestory [Who is Real Rerun] Event will be available in Early January, The skins and furniture in this event will be rerun. Rerun Description:

  • This rerun will inherit stages and first drop progress from the previous [Who is Real] event
  • This event will join [Sidestory] permanently after the rerun
  • Some event bonuses that can't be obtained twice will be converted into [Intelligence Certs] in corresponding ratio when you obtain them again. The corresponding ratio can be found in the [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] for the event.
  • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in the Certs Shop, and more new items will be added into the shop.

Permanent [Integrated Strategies]


Permanent [Integrated Strategies] will be implemented in Early January. There will be an introduction later with more details about the gameplay.

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