Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #20 - Rhine Lab Event, Storyset [To be Continued] , [Dossoles Holiday] Rerun

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Rhine Lab Event

Rhine Lab Event

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

The headquarter of Rhine Lab, is the hotbed of technologies, the dreamland of countless researchers.

The lights in the buildings never fade, the experiments and data here never stop.

Researchers came here with dreams, hoping to realize their ideals —— while others found new direction from the appearance of new technologies.

The future is right before their eyes.

The decision they made, will cause a great unrest.......

Sidestory [绿野幻梦] will be available in early July with new event stages, stories, operators, costumes and furnitures.

Storyset [To be Continued]

Storyset [To be Continued]

Do you remember the flying snow in Kjerag and the desolate glory of Karzimierz? Wondering people's feelings among the banquets in Shanshu, Great Yan?

And the absurd but realistic irony in Colombia, the depressing stories behind black humor in Syracusa, the warmth between the dilemma and hope in Siesta......

Time remembers every story, just waiting for somebody to tell.

Storyset [To be Continued] will be available in mid July including new event stages and stories.

[Dossoles Holiday] Rerun

[Dossoles Holiday] Rerun

To welcome the incoming summer event, sidestory [Dossoles Holiday] retrospection event will be available in late July, the furniture and costume will also be rerun.

Rerun Description:

  • This rerun will inherit stages and first drop process in previous [Dossoles Holiday] event
  • This event will join [Sidestory] permanently after the retrospection. The stage-drop stickers will be replaced with mats and all stickers will be unlocked.
  • Some event bonus that can't obtain twice will be converted into [Intelligence Certs] in corresponding ratio when you obtain again. The corresponding ratio can be referred to [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] in the event.
  • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in Certs Shop, more new items will be added into the shop.


Dev News Reward:

200 Orundum and 5* Integrated Device


All players who registered before 17:00, June 22nd.
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