Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #7 - Two New Story Events and Operator Backstories!

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Mansfield Break


Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord

There is a special prison in Colombia. Rather than staying within a city, it moves about independently as a mobile prison across the land. Within this special prison, a special prisoner resides. Some desire his death, while others wish for him to live. A contest of power is about to unfold beneath the stage.

SideStory 【Mansfield Break】 will begin in mid-December. This event will contain new event stages, event story, new operators, new skins and related themed furniture. Additionally, a cross-year login event will also begin in late-December.

Beyond Here


Rhodes Island's field personnel are always happy to provide directions to others. We welcome all like-minded individuals who wish to contribute, regardless of your birth or status, so long as your every action brings value upon this land......

The story collection 【Beyond Here】 will begin in early January 2021. This event will contain new operators, new skins, and related themed furniture.

Operator Records


The 【Operator Records】 and 【Paradox Simulation】 systems will be released in mid December.

After the 【Operator Records】 system is released, players can complete various unlock requirements to unlock the corresponding Operator's 【Operator Record】 (e.g. raising Operator level, trust etc). Unlock the various 【Operator Records】 to further understand each Rhodes Island Operator's backstory. There are etched medals which can be obtained as well.

Paradox Simulation


In the 【Paradox Simulation】 system, players can complete various unlock requirements to unlock the corresponding Operator's Simulation Stage (e.g. raising Operator level, trust etc). Simulation Stages do not consume sanity and players must use the "Fixed Squads" provided to clear the stage. The first clear will reward a clear reward.


● The first batch of 【Operator Records】 and 【Paradox Simulations】 will contain 10 operators. Further 【Operator Records】 and 【Paradox Simulations】 will be released for other operators in the future.
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