Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #8

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Contingency Contract Season #4 [Lead Seal Operation]


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

  • Contingency Contract Season #4 [Operation Lead Seal] coming in Mid January
  • New contracts and stages will be released in this season along with a new operator and costume rerun in the Permanent Shop. Players can obtain etched medals in this season by completing corresponding challenges
  • New version of [Relationship Map] will also be implemented in this version

Nian Banner Retrospection (Rerun)

  • [Limited Headhunting · Spring Festival] : [Earthborn Metals] retrospection coming in Mid January.
  • For players who have pulled on the previous [Earthborn Metals] banner, an in-game mail will be sent with the corresponding ratio (1:1) of [Headhunting Data Contract] and can be accumulated with [Headhunting Data Contract] during the retrospection.

Sidestory [Who is Real]

  • Sidestory [Who is Real] limited time event coming in early February. This event includes new stages, stories, operators, costumes and themed furniture. Also Operator Lava's alter version [Hellfire Lava] (Event Reward) will also appear in this event
  • New [Limited Headhunting · Spring Festival] will also start along with the new sidestory event.
  • New [Limited Headhunting · Spring Festival] includes new operator and limited operator, and [Nian] will join this Headhunting and Headhunting Contract Shop. Meanwhile Nian will also receive slightly rate up in this limited headhunting. Please refer to banner notice for more detailed info.
  • Please refer to event notice for more events in the same period.


Stay Tuned for more detailed info about new version of [Relationship Map] and alter version operator [Hellfire Lava] in introduction on weibo.
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