Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter #9 - Rainbow Six Collab, Coop Mode, and DM Rerun!

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[Arknights × Rainbow Six: Siege] “Originium Dusts”


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

  • ”Just a normal dispatch, there won’t be anything unexpected.” Many stories have similar beginnings. However, we knew things wouldn’t be that simple. In the small town located to a desert in Southwestern Sargon, Rhodes Island is involved in an accident that has never been seen before. With a combination of tactical unions of squads, prevent the disaster from another world from spreading across Terra.
  • [Arknights × Rainbow Six: Siege] “Originium Dusts” Limited Time Event estimated available in early March including new event stages and stories, collab Operators,new skins, and furniture themes. Other events such as sign-in events will also be available.


  • The collab Operator in this event can only be obtained in the [Elite Tactical Experts Headhunting] and won’t join any [Standard Headhunting] after the banner ends. Please refer to the banner description later for more detailed information.

Rhodes Island Defence Protocols

  • [Rhodes Island Defence Protocols] estimated available in early March. [Multivariate Cooperation] mode available for limited time.
  • [Rhodes Island Defence Protocols] events will be available at the same time as the [“Operation Originium Dusts”] event. In this event players can experience new mode [Multivariate Cooperation]. In this new mode, players can either match online, invite friends, or join friends to play together and complete corresponding event missions to obtain event rewards. Please refer to the introduction later for more details about this new mode.


Due to the client update for this new mode, the default system RAM configuration will be updated as follows:

  • Recommended system RAM for Android System: > 2GB
  • Recommended system RAM for iOS System: > 2GB

[Darknights' Memior] Retrospection

  • Sidestory [Darknights’ Memoir] Retrospection Event estimated available in late March with the [Past Illusion] limited time headhunting. Meanwhile the skins in “Spring Selection” 2020 will also rerun for limited time.

Rerun Description:

  • This rerun will inherit stages and first drop progress from the previous [Darknights’ Memoir] event
  • Some event rewards that can't obtained twice will be converted into [Intelligence Certs] in corresponding ratio when you obtain them again. The corresponding ratio can be found in the [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] during the event.
  • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs Area] in Certs Shop, more new items will be added into the shop.
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