Arknights CN: Developer Newsletter: Celebration Stream, Episode 8, CC#3, CoB Rerun, Annihilation Update, and More!

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Celebration Livestream


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

Arknights Thank-you Celebration 2020 Streaming scheduled at 20:00, Oct 25th (GMT+8)

This stream includes Thank-you Celebration events, new Episode, new Annihilation mechanics and future Content.

Official Streaming Room

To disable the danmaku(flying comment on screen) function, click the fourth icon in the bottom To enable fullscreen, click the last icon


To hide all gift prompts and global broadcasting, enable the following options To disable the scrolling comment, click the "lock" icon right next to it.


Thank-you Celebration 2020 Event


Arknights Thank-you Celebration 2020 Event will be available on Nov 1st. In this event, we will bring the new Episode 8, Contingency Contract, Operators, Skins, and the new Limited Headhunt.

Episode 8


Episode 8 will be available on Nov 1st. Amiya can unlock new art, skill and voice line after clear stage [JT8-2] in the new Episode.


The stage [JT8-2] requires Elite 2 Amiya to enter.

Contingency Contract Season #3 [Operation Cinder]


Contingency Contract Season #3: [Operation Cinder] will be available in mid Nov. It includes new stages, Contracts and skins.

Code of Brawl Retrospection


Sidestory [Code of Brawl] Retrospection will be available in early December with the limited time banner [Keepers of the Lock & Key] Rerun. 


  • This rerun will inherit stages and first drop progress from the previous [Code of Brawl] event
  • Some event items that can't be obtained twice will be converted into [Intelligence Certs] in corresponding ratio.
  • The corresponding ratio can be referred to [Intelligence Certs Converting Rules] in the event.
  • The converted [Intelligence Certs] can be used in [Intelligence Certs shop], and more items will be added to the shop.
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