Arknights CN: Developer Note #23: Caerula Arbor and Episode 11

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Thank you everyone for following and supporting Arknights. Am glad to meet everyone again. In this time of the developer note, Storyset An Obscure Wanderer has begun. Hope that everyone is happy when playing it and once again, thank you everyone for your love and support for 2022's Summer Carnival.

Below is the events and version contents of this time's developer note:

1: New Integrated Strategies

New Integrated Strategies theme will begin in end September. For more gameplay introduction, please wait for official announcements.

2: Episode 11

The high-speed warships of the lords are heading towards Londinium and the main force of Sarkaz is about to return to the city.

By the time the Shard Building was completed, the war had come and gone as expected. The Sarkaz will use Victoria's power to destroy Victoria, leading to natural disasters and wars in every corner.

And the last trump card to resist the storm is hidden in the underground of Londinium.

In order to find a silver lining, we must embark on two paths at the same time.

One leads to the center of the vortex, and one leads to the graves of kings.

Main Theme "Shadow of a Dying Sun" Part 3 will begin in mid October. New operators, new costumes and related furniture will also be released with this update.

Finally, thank you everyone for reading this developer's note.

Extra: Caerula Arbor introduction from banner

This can be seen if you brighten and zoom in. It forms a paragraph, just like for Crimson Solitaire.

Credit to Buddy on Discord

The text reads: The luminous sea - is a whole living three-dimensional sea area after the creatures in the sea are nurtured by microorganisms and become a member of the sea monster group. Some of their organs will be transformed by the cells of the sea god and become able to emit fluorescence as one of the tools for them to identify and communicate with each other.

Exciting. Can't wait to play it.

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