Arknights CN: Developer Note #30: Laterano side story, Lingering Echoes rerun, CASC collab

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Thank you for everyone's continued support for Arknights and it is nice to meet everyone again. At the time of this developer note, Operation Pinch-Out limited event is open. Hope everyone can enjoy it and also thank you for liking and supporting the fourth anniversary events.

Below is the newest event and version contents.

#1: Hortus de Escapismo

A mobile monastery which has disappeared sixty years ago has appeared again. There is no news from the messengers sent by the holy city.

Will the reappearance of this lost land bring fortune or misfortune?

The young saint accepts his first mission after being appointed.

Go, go find our lost brethren. Go bring them back to us.

Side Story Hortus de Escapismo will begin in early June. There will be new maps, new operators, new costumes and new furniture.

#2: Lingering Echoes rerun

Lingering Echoes rerun will be in mid June

#3: China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Shenzhou Mediacollab


Arknights x China Aerospace Sciene and Technology Corporation Shenzhou Media 'Living in the Stars' limited event will take place in end June. During the event, players can unlock rewards such as furniture. Collaboration costume and avatar will be sold in the store.

(Just some notes from translator: CASC is China's state owned space contractor. Kind of like NASA. Shenzhou Media is the media and animation department. Probably expect space and spaceship stuff hmmm)

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