Arknights CN: Developer Note #36

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1: The Rides to Lake Silberneherze

Yes, mister, this train ends at Lake Silberneherze.

After getting out of the station, you can admire the view of Kjeragandr from a close distance. However, there is still some time before the inauguration ceremony, so there are some things to fix. Please be understanding.

You want to find a place to hide from the city? Then you will need to spend some effort to climb the nearby Mount Furggen. But you also don't need to worry. There will be "running burdenbeasts" next to the train station that can replace travelling by foot. And at the foot of the mountain, there are also cable cars that can bring you to the mountain peak.

My Victorian is good? Ah, thank you for the praise.

Side Story The Rides to Lake Silberneherze starts in early December with new maps and story. New operators and furniture will be released. Also, countdown event will take place in end December.

2: What the Firelight Casts rerun

Side Story What the Firelight Casts rerun will take place in end December with the banner. New EPOQUE costume series will be released.

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