Arknights CN: Headhunting Rules Modification Introduction

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Headhunting Rules Modification Introduction


Credits: Nightsky

In limited-time standard headhunting (not including permanent standard hh, "Joint Action" hh, "The Front that was" hh), when player didn't get rate up 6* operator for 150 pulls, the next 6* operator is guaranteed to be the rate up 6* operator for only once.


6* operators earlier than Phantom and including Phantom, 5* operators earlier than Shamare and including Shamare will be removed from all [Standard Headhunting] & [Limited Headhunting] from next rotation at 04:00, Mar. 30th.


A new permanent headhunting [Backbone Headhunting] will be available on Apr. 6th, all the old operators removed from standard headhunting are included in this headhunting.


[Backbone Headhunt] has almost the same rule and the same period of rotation as [Standard Headhunting], except the green/gold certs are replaced with blue certs with the following rules.


Blue certs can be used to redeem rewards including one of the rate up 6* or 5* in current [Backbone HH] and [Backbone HH permit].


Gold certs shop will add one of the rate up 6* and 5* in current [Backbone HH] and [Backbone HH permit] after Apr. 6th.

  • Operators in Exclusive Headhunting Service for new players will be changed for player who register after Apr. 6th.
  • In the upcoming 4th anniversary, the [Backbone Headhunting] will switch to [Backbone Selection] for limited-time. During event period, players can select 2 6* operators and 3 5* operators from the range of current [Backbone Selection] as rate up operators and select a 6* operator and a 5* operator from the range of current [Backbone Selection] as operators in gold certs & blue certs shop.
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