Arknights CN: The Limited Banner Spark System Explained!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

The Guarantee You Never Want To Need

UPDATE: Now that this has been released on global, a section with details for this and efficiencies has been added to the Currency and Shops guide here:

Special Thanks: Botzu

Now that the Limited banner with W is live, we have the details of the Spark System that is in place for Limited Banners.

  • Each Pull on the Limited Banner earns the player 1  [Recruitment Data Contract]
  • During the Banner duration, 300  [Recruitment Data Contract] can be traded for a Rate-Up 6 Star, and 75 can be traded for a rate-up 5 Star.
Spark Shop
  • Each  [Recruitment Data Contract] can be traded for 6  [Recruitment Data Models], and all contracts will be converted to models when the banner ends.
  •  [Recruitment Data Models] can be traded for T1 - T4 enhancement materials, at varying prices that can be seen below.

Note: The [Optimized Device] will have it's cost lowered from 115 to 85.

Spark Store 1Spark Store 2Spark Store 3Spark Shop 4Spark Shop 5Spark Shop 6
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