Arknights CN: Maintenance Notes - For [Dorothy's Vision] Content Update!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Maintenance Notes - For [Dorothy's Vision] Content Update!

Arknights Maintenance Bannr

Translation Credit - Nightsky

Complete Maintenance Notes

July 5th Maintenance Notice

Arknights will have a maintenance on 10:00 – 16:00, July 5th. During this period, players will be forcibly disconnected and unable to login. Please logout before the update to avoid any data loss. After the update, players will need to update their client to the latest version. This is a mandatory update.

Maintenance time: 10:00 – 16:00, July 5th

Update description:

  • Client update: This is a mandatory update.



  • New [Operators’ Records] of the following operators:[Greyy the Lighting Bearer], [Ifrit], [Silence], [Blue Poison]
  • New [Paradox Simulation] of the following operators:[Ifrit], [Silence], [Blue Poison]
  • Add CN/EN/KR voices of some operators
  • Add [Exclusive Module] of the following operators:[Pallas] (2nd), [Magallan] (2nd), [Astgenne], [Ash], [Archetto], [Exusiai], [April], [Graythroat], [Platium], [Blue Poison], [May], [Vermiel], [Jessica], [Kroos the Keen Glint]
  • Optimize the interface of operators’ potential
  • Add entrance animation sfx of W’s costume
  • Feature iteration of [Theater Billboard] in [Phantom & Crimson Solitare]
  • Data preload of new annihilation stage [Lingering Shangshu Trails]
  • Data preload of new [Standard Headhunting] & [Gold Cert Shop] begin from 04:00, July, 7th


  • Fix the wrong faction issue of operators [Nearl the Radiant Knight], [Specter the Unchained] in infrastructure
  • Fix the issue that [Ebenholz]’s & [Snowsant]’s infra skills can’t be stacked
  • Fix the abnormal effect issue when stacking [Ebenholz]’s & [Jaye]’s infra skills
  • Fix abnormal effect issue of [Mizuki]’s infra skill in some situations
  • Tweak the skill description and terms explanations of some infra skills and the effect stay unchanged


  • Fix the abnormal effect issue of relic “食腐者手杖” in IS
  • Optimize and Correct some text
  • Optimize some UI
  • Further improved the stability of client
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