Arknights CN: [Mansfield Break] Intro and New Mechanic And Enemies!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Mansfield Break] Intro and New Mechanic And Enemies!

Translation Credit: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord, Harezora


Columbia has a special prison. This prison is built outside a mobile city and transverses the land alone.

This kind of special prison, you can imagine, would imprison some troublesome people. And this kind of people, just their presence, can cause some things that laypeople can't imagine. The incident surrounding Anthony, is one of them.

New Mechanism

  • Imprisoned State - Prisoners' combat capability will be restrained due to the "Imprisonment Terminal" on their bodies.
  • Released State - Prisoners' combat capability will be enhanced, with some even unlocking their special abilities.

Release Condition

When enemies attack while in the Imprisoned state, the Imprisonment Terminal's energy will be expended. After attacking a certain number of times, the prisoner will enter the Released state.

Imprisonment Device

Skill: Activate Imprisonment! Consume a certain amount of DP to activate. All enemies within range will be stunned for a short period and enter Imprisoned state. [Will not reset the attack count of enemies that are still in Imprisoned state]

New Enemies


Sturdy Prisoner

After Release, increase RES and regenerate HP.


Archer Prisoner

After Release, change damage type to Arts damage and prioritize attacking Imprisonment Devices.



When Imprisoned, increase DEF. The first Release will also release all enemies on the field.

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