Arknights CN: Module System Introduction!

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Article by Alyeska

Module System Introduction!

UPDATE: an up-to-date module list can be found here or here:

In the upcoming content update, the [Module System] will be launched. Operators will get different module types according to their Archetypes, and they will get different ability upgrades after equipping the modules.


The Archetypes are shown in the figure below. After this update, the [Module Content] of some operators will be added, and it is expected that the [Module Content] of other operators will be added in the future. In the current version, only operators with star level 4 and above can be equipped with modules.


In the operator interface, the Archetype to which the operator belongs will be displayed in detail. You can click on the career branch to further view the characteristics and talent effects of the operator. If the archetype module to which the operator belongs is unlockable, you can click the [Edit Module] button to view the module effect and unlock conditions.


To unlock the [Module System], you need to upgrade the level of the operator to E2 level 1 or above. After unlocking, the operator will be automatically equipped with a [Basic Module] ([Basic Module] does not improve or change any attributes) After the operator’s [Module System] is unlocked, you can view the exclusive missions required to unlock the operator’s [Exclusive Module]. The mission count starts after the operator’s module system function is unlocked. 

Note: You cannot complete the module unlocking missions by using the helpers, and some Levels cannot be used to complete missions.

The [exclusive module] will be gained after the completion of the module mission, the operator has been upgraded to the specified level,the new material [module data block] has been acquired, and certain materials and LMD. After unlocking, the system will automatically equip it to the operator. You can also switch modules manually on the operator interface.


Each operator can obtain different ability enhancements after equipped with a [Module]. Take the operator [Deepcolor] as an example. After obtaining her unique module [Weird Palette], the characteristics and effects will be enhanced. The maximum number of summons will be increased and the deployment cost reduced.


Operators who belong to the [Summoner Supporter] Archetype with the  [专业无人机操作模块] mudule equipped equipped will have the first summon deploy will not use deployment slots (Does not refund deployment slot on last summon retreat or knocked down).  The [Module system] will enable strategic ability improvements for operators. In subsequent updates, operators will be provided with different types of [Modules] for switching to adapt to different battlefield needs.

more modules

After the [Module System] is added, a new material [Module Data Block] will be added that is dedicated to unlocking modules. Currently [Module Data Block] can be obtained through weekly task rewards, event stores and voucher exchange (the module data block reward update will not affect the original weekly task reward content). Shop vouchers will be added in the future.

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