Arknights CN: More Details on the Event Story Reader Feature [Information Processing Room]

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Content Preview: Information Processing Room


Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

The new system [Information Processing Room], which was revealed in the previous Dev Blog #1, will be implemented soon. Currently the [Information Processing Room] has collected all the stories from all the Side-Story and Micro-Story events, and it will also collect the stories from future events.

Currently the [Information Processing Room] is divided into [Public Affairs Records] and [Special Operation Records]. [Public Affairs Records] collect the stories in all the Side-Story events. However, you can only access the stories you've unlocked, and you can unlock stories in other ways in the future.


The [Special Operation Affairs] collects the stories in all the Micro-Story events, and they need to be unlocked with [Stories Chips]. We will send you the [Stories Chips] by mail and the number of them are based on the number of stories you have unlocked before. You can also obtain them in other ways in the future.


You can unlock the story you want with [Stories Chips], and when you've unlocked all the stories in the same series, you can get a bonus.


The [Information Processing Room] system will be available in early June.

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