Arknights CN: [Network] and Factions Update Preview

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Network] and Factions Update Preview

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

Hello, everyone! This is Arknights Project Team. In the upcoming version update in Mid January, we have an update for the [Network] that applies improvements to visual effects. You can access the new Network from Archives.


The New Network divides Operators into the factions they belong to.  By tapping the faction, you can check the faction and Operators in it. You can check the details of obtained operators by tapping the corresponding operator.


The Network also shows the relationship between factions. For example, if you tap Yan-Lungmen, you can view Operators from Yan-Lungmen and the related factions (L.G.D., Penguin Logistics, Lee's D.A., etc). You can't view them in this way if you don't have any operators from corresponding faction.


If there is relationship between the current faction and other factions, you can quickly switch to the related faction and Operators.


In this update, some operators' info icon will be replaced with the minimal sub-faction they belong to (Like Rhodes Island has A1, A4, A6 Detachments, so Melantha's info icon will display icon of A4), you can check the changes by viewing operators' icon.


In this update, the faction collection icons at the bottom left corner of Doctor's profile will receive further improvement and refinement, the faction collection icons now only display the maximal factions and take all operators from corresponding sub-factions into consideration.

With more and more mysteries revealed on Terra, more factions will also be revealed, and Operators' corresponding factions will also be updated, which will effect the factions in Operators' archives and the faction collection in the profile.


New [Network] system estimated available in Mid January.

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