Arknights CN: New Annihilation System Preview

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Preview the Annihilation

Translation credit: Nightsky#3319

Special Thanks: Kawa and Pumpkin


The new Annihilation System will be divided into [Long-term Annihilation] and [Annihilation Requests]. Three old maps will be added into [Long-term Annihilation]. While the [Annihilation Requests] will rotate the maps when the rotation period ends. Every rotation will bring new challenges and difficulties to enrich players' gaming experience.

[Annihilation Requests] will update in a certain period and change location. When the rotation period ends, the current location will be added into [Assuming Annihilation Targets].


When the location is added into the [Assuming Annihilation Targets], [Assuming Annihilation Targets] will randomly and periodically pick a location from targets into the [Annihilation Simulation]. You can still obtain once-only rewards from it without weekly orundum rewards.

  • Since there is no location in the [Assuming Annihilation Targets] yet, the [Annihilation Simulation] is unavailable at present.
  • You can't get weekly Orundum rewards from [Annihilation Simulation]. The rules of sanity returns stay the same as normal annihilation.

In this update, you can challenge [Kawalerielki Outskirts] and complete [Challenge Missions] to increase the weekly upper limit of Orundum to 1800. Each [Challenge Missions] gives rewards once only and won't be reset in rotation.


  • If you have cleared all missions in [Challenge Missions], you can't clear them again in next rotation map.
  • If you haven't cleared all missions in [Challenge Missions], you can clear the rest of the missions in next rotation map.

New Annihilation System will be implemented in November.

New Annihilation Map Details

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