Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - April: Talent, Skills, Art, GIFs.

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Fast-Redeploy Sniper!

Translation Credits: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord, Laulicon#6707, and pumpkin#5585


Name: April

Seiyuu: takana minami


"Rhodes Island's equipment and treatment is actually amazing… ah, sorry, Doctor, I'm just a bit surprised. My callsign will be April. Mm, it's from my favorite song."


Originally a hunter from Rim Billiton, she lost her job due to oripathy and arrived at Rhodes Island. A girl with a very city feel to her, she always carries an MP3 player. The inspiration for her callsign came from her favorite song titled "April". She has an extrovert personality, and can get along with anyone. She has quite a high standard for her living conditions, and is also a lover of fashion. She can often be seen chatting happily with Utage and Orchid.


April is a 5★ Anti-Air Sniper with Talents that reduce her deployment costs and Re-deployment time, and a Skill that causes her to not be targeted by enemies.

Talents and Skills

Trait: Attacks aerial enemies first

Talent: Reduce self redeployment time and deployment cost

Skill 1: The next attack has increased ATK

Skill 2: For a certain duration after deployment, increase ATK and gain camouflage effect (when not blocking enemies, will not be targeted by enemy ranged attacks, however will still be affected by splash attacks).

Bun Bolt

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

April will be the first Ranged Operator with reduced re-deployment time.  Her Talent looks to be setting her up as a Fast-Redeploy Sniper.  Her S2 prevents her from being targeted by the enemy for a time after deployment, and could be useful in situations where you want to deploy a ranged Operator in harms way, or if you are forced to deploy a ranged DPS Operator later in the order then you would like.  How effective she might be at these roles will depend on the final details of her abilities.

Other Art and GIFs


Full E2 Art

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