Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Bagpipe: Skills, Talent, Art, GIFs

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AK’s Newest Kilted Killer

Translation and Special Thanks: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server


After leaving people drooling over a banner image and animations in the CC PV video, more information on Arknights’ newest 6★ Operator has been finally released!  Bagpipe will be a DP-On-Kill Vanguard of Rhodes Island, the first new 6★ Vanguard introduced since launch! With her red hair and Scottish kilt streaming behind her from the force of her wicked steaming shock-lance type weapon, Bagpipe will slay your enemies, and nothing will be left in the wake of her destruction other than Reunion bodies and loads of DP.

Arknights Bagpipe Info

For more information on the Banner for Bagpipe, and other campaigns announced along with the upcoming CC event, see the complete list here:

Talents and Skills

Trait: Obtain 1 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the original DP Cost when retreated

Talent 1: When attacking, has a chance to increase the Attack power of the current attack and attack an additional enemy.

Talent 2: Unknown.

Skill 1:  Increase Attack and Attack Speed.

Skill 2: Increase the Attack power of the next attack and attack twice. Can be charged.

Arknights Bagpipe S2 GIF
Skill 2: Firepower-ed!

Skill 3: Increase Attack Interval, Block Count, Attack and Defense. Attacks deal 3 hits.

Arknights Bagpipe S3 GIF
Skill 3: Shocking!

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details.  Analysis will be updated when they are available.

Finally a new 6★ Vanguard!  And our first of the DP-On-Kill Vanguard Archetype.  Bagpipe appears to be built along the same blueprint as Vigna: a high DPS physical damage killing machine, enhanced further by Skills and Talents, whose sole purpose is to gleefully slaughter your enemies and turn them into haggis while gaining DP (and feeding the base) in the process.

Based on what we’ve seen with other lower rarity Vanguards, we expect Bagpipe to have much higher Stats than the DP-On-Skill Vanguard Siege.  Thus, we can expect to see the highest stats we’ve seen to date on a Vanguard.

Arknights Siege Stats
Arknights Vanguard Stats
These Stats do not include Trust Bonuses
  • Bagpipe’s Skill 1 is likely to be a generic Skill type, the same or similar to Reed’s Skill 1: Swift Strike 𝝲.
Arknights Reed Skill 1
Reed's Skill 1 At M3.  What Bagpipe's S1 might look like.
  • Her Skill 2 is where things get more interesting.  It increases the ATK of the next attack, and attacks twice.  Depending on what kind of SP Cost this skill has, it could provide a strong increase to consistent ST damage output.  We’ll have to wait to see what kind of ATK modifier it has to be able to say much more. Being able to gain charges will be a nice bonus, and provide incentive for early deployment, and make her feel less useless during attacking gaps.
  • The vaunted 3rd Skill is always the sexiest and most exciting of 6★ Operators, though it’s not always the best, or the most used.  Unlike her 6★ counterpart, Bagpipe’s 3rd Skill doesn’t take the VAN out of her Class. By increasing Block Count, Attack, Defense, and the “hits per attack” to 3,  it is a strong potential counter to one of the main weaknesses of DP-On-Kill Vanguards: their low block count making them very susceptible to leaks against anything but low enemy count early rushes.  With all the bells and whistles attached to this Skill, it is likely that the ATK modifier will be lower than the one attached to Skill 2 (see Skadi S3), so S2 will likely be the choice for maximum ST damage and use as a chip attacker.  S3 will likely shine in multiple enemy situations, where the block count and potential multi-target damage when combined with her Talent (depending on how it is implemented) can be taken advantage of.  Right now, the only Vanguard Skill that even mildly compares with this is Grani’s S2. We can only guess if Bagpipe’s S3 modifiers will be better. (note: analysis of the S3 GIF has created unofficial estimates that the S3 Attack Interval will be 1.8s)
Arknights Grani Skill 2
Grani's Skill 2 at M3.  To give an idea what Bagpipe's S3 might look like.

Bagpipe’s Talent appears to be an upgraded Version of Vigna’s ( a chance on-hit to increase damage), with the addition of having a chance-on-hit of attacking an additional enemy.  This is clearly a potential advantage in multi-target situations. It seems to synergize very well with her S3, which increases her Block Count. However, with a base Block Count of 1, it is unclear how often this Talent will be utilized outside of S3 use.  Placing a Blocker near her could help keep multiple enemies in her attack range, and combined with her Skills (dealing multiple attacks), represents some potentially sweet multi-target burst. Details of her second Talent on E2 are currently unknown.

Arknights Vigna Talent
Vigna's Talent

Other Art and GIFs

Arknights Bagpipe E2 Art

Full E2 Art

Arknights Bagpipe Deploy GIF

Is anyone else concerned she can’t kill this slug?

Arknights Bagpipe Poke GIF

Happy Poke!

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