Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Elysium: Skills, Talent, Art, GIFs. New Executor Skin Art, GIFs.

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Myrtle 2.0

Translation: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server


Elysium is the 5★ Operator that was announced for the hyped W banner that is coming soon, but he was overshadowed in the excitement of the Limited Operator.  Today we finally received some more concrete details, and he will be a 5★ Utility Vanguard that passively buffs Snipers and debuffs enemies. He will have the highest rarity of this Archetype in the game, and is only the second to be released (the first being Myrtle).

Arknights Elysium

Talents and Skills

Trait: Cannot block enemies during the skill duration

Talent 1: When deployed, all [Sniper] Operators have reduced Deployment Cost. During skill activation, all [Sniper] Operators have increased attack speed

Skill 1: Stops attacking and recovers DP during skill activation

Skill 2: Stops attacking and recovers DP during skill activation. Additionally, lock-on to several nearby enemies. The targeted enemies will have reduced movement speed, reduced Defense and lose stealth during skill duration.

Arknights Elysium Skill 2 GIF
The Rainmaker

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Elysium will be only the second Utility Vanguard to be introduced, the first being the very popular 4★ Myrtle, so he will be the highest rarity of this type of Operator.  Myrtle is a very commonly used Vanguard, especially in challenging content that requires fast DP or that limits your deployment number or options.  This is because myrtle is currently the fastest and most efficient DP Generator in the game.  As a 5★ upgrade, it is not unreasonable to expect that Elysium will be even better, and take the crown of "King of DP regen" when he is released.

His Talent 1 will likely be very similar to Myrtles, which can be seen here:

Arknights myrtle Skill 1
Myrtle Skill 1

Myrtle's Skill is a β version, which is common for 4★ Operators.  5★'s often get an upgraded 𝝲 version of the Skill.

Elysium's Skill 2 applies a DEF debuff, a slow, and removes Invisibility from surrounding enemies.  How useful this Skill ends up being will depend somewhat on the range and the numbers, but the ability to remove invisibility is rare, and could be very useful.

Buffing Snipers with his Talent will be a nice addition, as it is very common to deploy Snipers along with Vanguards to handle early rushes, though people that were hoping for more Vanguard team memes might be a little disappointed.

Overall, Elysium will likely be a very highly sought after and much used Operator.

Other Art and GIFs

ARknights Elysium Full E2

Full E2 Art

Arknights Elysium Deploy

Staff-plant with authority

Arknights Elysium Deploy GIF


New Executor [Bloodline of Combat] Skin

Skin art and Animations for the soon-to-be-released Executor [Bloodline of Combat] Skin!

Arknights Executor Skin Bloodline of Combat
Arknights Executor Skin S2
Electro-Bullet Hell
Arknights Executor Skin Bloodline of Combat Deploy GIF
Arknights Executor Skin Bloodline of Combat Base GIF
Base show-off
Arknights Executor Skin Bloodline of Combat Deploy GIF
Poke brush-off
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