Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Fiammetta] Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs.

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Translation Credits: Jetroyz and Alterist


“My duty is to monitor Mostima, there shouldn’t be a problem if I traveled alongside her, right?. A codename? …Just Fiametta will be fine, I’m sick of the names the old geezers come up with.


“Please spare me Doctor, how can Rhodes Island accept her stupid request to be an operator?”

“Look who it is, it’s the Super Punishment King! Ah, that was last month’s codename. What is she called now? Herald of the Apocalypse? Substitute Soul Reaper? Sacred Hunting Maniac?”

“Mostima, please shut up, or I will make you shut up.”

“I had hoped Rhodes Island would be a good place to avoid you.”

“Nice try, but please remember, I am your custodian.”

“Lemuel comes here as well, you know? Do you believe you can answer the questions she will ask about her sister?

“There’s always a way”

“Pleased to meet you, Doctor, please forget the pile of ridiculous codenames that Mostima just said, and commit my name to your memory: Fiametta”


Race: Liberi

Place of Birth: Laterano

Proficiencies: Shooting(Ballista), Tracking, Keeping Secrets

“Taking action to prevent intelligence from leaking is also part of my job, when I determine it’s necessary”


Illustrator: 幻象黑兔

CV: Fumiko Orikasa


Fiammatta is a 6★ Sniper [AoE / Artilleryman] that focuses on damage.

Talents and Skills

ArchetypeSniper [AoE / Artilleryman] 

Trait: Deals AOE Physical damage

Talent 1: Fiammetta constantly loses HP (this effect will not cause HP to fall to 0). When HP is above a certain percentage, gain a certain amount of [Vigor] effect. When HP is above a certain higher percentage, gain a higher amount of [Vigor] effect.

[Vigor]: When HP is higher than a certain percentage, gain a certain amount of ATK (Does not stack, strongest effect takes precedence)

Skill 1 Expand Attack Range, increase ATK

Skill 2: Fiammetta fires a Scorching bullet ahead, leaving scorch marks along the projectile path and exploding upon reaching the end of her Attack Range, dealing Physical damage. Thereafter, the scorch marks explode in sequence, dealing a certain amount of Physical damage


Skill 3: Fiammetta fixes her attack target to the furthest tile ahead. Increase explosion range and ATK. When attacking enemies in a small area around the attack target, further increase ATK. Infinite duration, skill can be deactivated at any time


First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

[Fiammetta] will be the second 6 Star Sniper [AoE / Artilleryman], the first being Limited Operator W.  Where W's kit is heavily augmented with Stuns, Fiametta lacks any utility or crowd control, and so is focused entirely on damage.

Her Talent gives Fiammetta the [Vigor] effect, which increases her ATK if her HP exceeds a given threshold.  It looks like she will have two Vigor HP thresholds, with the higher HP threshold giving a higher ATK bonus.  The twist with her Talent is that her HP will constantly decrease over time (likely similar to Aak).  Although her HP can't fall below 0 because of the talent alone (she can still die to enemy damage of course), this means she won't be able to sustain her Vigor bonuses without a healer, and those bonuses are likely to be necessary to keep her damage competitive at higher levels.

As far as her skills go, S1 will increase her ATK and Attack Range. Since AoE Snipers already have a long attack range, this will give her exceptionally far reach.  S2 looks like it will be best used when enemies are approaching her in a single lane, hitting all enemies in a line with the initial shot, and then hitting them again with a series of planted explosions.  It feels like this skill would face direct competition from other "single lane straight ahead" skills, most notably everyones favorite Burninator.  S3 changes her targeting to the furthest enemy in her range and increases her explosion area of effect and damage.  It has infinite duration, which can be especially useful in story, Annihilation, and Integrated Strategies modes.

Past AoE Snipers have not been exceptionally strong in the meta.  It seems unlikely that Fiammetta will change that trend, but it will depend on her exact numbers and damage potential in practice.

Other Art and GIFs


Full E2 Art

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