Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Lumen] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Translation Credits: Jetroyz, Alterist


“Are you…the Doctor? Pleased to meet you, my code name is Lumen, from now I will be working as a member of Rhodes Island. Even if the only thing I can do is provide a faint glimmer of light for you, I will do my best.”


“Did you hear? The Inquisition accepted an Aegir!”

“They wouldn’t have harmed all the islanders anyways…”

“No! I meant that the Inquisition let an Aegir join!”

“...Am I that tired? I’m hearing things, right?”

“The cold-blooded Inquisition, let an Aegirian, become one of their members.”

"Lumen, it looks like everyone is interested in your new identity.”

"Ha... If I had the choice, I would wish to remain Granfallo’s chapel attendant."

"So you would prefer the ordinary, huh?"

"No, I just prefer to see the smiles of the elderly and children."


Race: Aegir

Place of Birth: Iberia

Proficiencies: Nursing, Nutritional Science


Illustrator: 一千

CV: Yusuke Kobayashi


Lumen is a 6★ Medic [Wide Range / Therapist] that specializes in the immediate removal of negative status effects!

Talents and Skills

Archetype:Medic [Wide Range / Therapist]

Trait: Has a large healing range, but the healing amount on farther targets is reduced to 80%

Talent 1: Healed targets gain Status Resistance for several seconds. If the target's HP is above a certain percentage, increase the duration of the granted Status Resistance.

Talent 2:  When allies within Attack Range are inflicted with an abnormal status, immediately heal the target for a certain amount of HP. This effect has a cooldown.

[Status Resistance]: Reduces duration of abnormal effects such as [Stun], [Cold], [Frozen] by 50% (Does not stack)

Skill 1: The next attack heals the target and nearby allies every second for several seconds.


Skill 2:  Immediately recover a certain amount of HP to multiple allies within Attack Range

Charged effect: Additionally remove all abnormal statuses from the targets


Skill 3:  Increase ATK and Attack Speed. Prioritize targets that are under abnormal status. Ammo is only consumed when the target is under abnormal status. When ammo is consumed, increase heal amount and remove all abnormal statuses from the target. Activating the skill grants a certain amount of ammo, and the skill ends when all ammo is consumed. Skill can be deactivated at any time.


First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

With [Lumen], the developer appears to be continuing the trend of offering excellent 6 star welfare Operators with their anniversary events.  Like [Gladiia] from last year, Lumen will be given free with the event, and looks to be a strong gameplay Operator for his niche.  Husbando players will rejoice with the addition of the first 6 Star male medic!

Lumen will be the first 6 Star [Wide Range / Therapist], an archetype that generally focuses their kits around providing the Status Resistance buff.  Lumen is no different here, providing the buff on every heal with his Talent 1, and with an extended duration if the target is above an HP threshold.  This will make him the most consistent source of the buff, as it is likely his extended duration will be longer than any of the others, and Ceylon and Whisperain only provide the buff on Skill Activation.

The Archetype is also notable for increased range at the cost of lower healing output. The (likely) higher base stats from rarity and his skills (especially the potential infinite bump from S3) will also increase his viability as a general-use healer. 

The most notable aspect of his kit, however, is the ability to immediately clear existing status effects, which he can do with either S2 or S3.  He will be the first of the Archetype to be able to do this on demand, which represents a potentially powerful tactical tool.  

Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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