Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Spuria] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Credits:  Jetroyz, Setsura


"Expatriate from the Sixth Hall of the Lateran Papal Hall, Spuria, came to Rhodes Island for exchange. By the way, in order to avoid the security check, there is a small mechanism that will explode in my luggage. Well, it may not necessarily be in the luggage. They are all safe items, really."


"Spuria, I want to hear your opinion. The Sixth Hall arranged for you to assist Oren's work. After some 'deliberate consideration', you chose to side with Lemuen, subsequently delaying the mission I arranged for you?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Boss. I still have three design documents that I haven't reviewed. If there is nothing particularly urgent, I will put on my headphones and continue working."

"I can feel your impatience and short but intense sadness. On the basis of empathy, I hope we can exchange some views on current affairs. Even if we temporarily disagree, I am happy to be convinced by your persuasion. Since the new saint was canonized, Laterano seems to be heading for a more dazzling period, but we also need stronger measures to maintain the existence of Paradise... Spuria, are you listening?”

"I heard it, I heard it, and I promise I will review my mistakes sincerely."

"The Lateran regard communication as a virtue, I don't want to force you—"

"But I really can't answer it! Intuition, emotion, feelings, impulsiveness... In short, the biggest mistake I made was staying in this office. So please, punish me away from the Sixth Hall, then I will go on an assignment and come back once I've figured it out, okay?"


Illustrator: おぐち

CV: Miyamoto Yuri

Talents and Skills

Rarity: 5★

Archetype: Specialist [Sacrificial / Geek]

Trait: Continually loses HP over time

Talent 1: Attacks have a chance to activate one of the following effects:

  • Attack deals 2 hits
  • Stun the target for a short duration
  • Ignore a portion of the target's DEF

Skill 1: After deployment, increase Attack Speed for a certain duration

Skill 2: When skill is active, grant the following effects to self and a Sniper operator ahead:

  • Increase ATK and Attack Speed, attacks have a chance inflict self-Stun for several seconds

Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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