Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - [Underflow] Talents, Skills, Art, Animations.

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Credits:  Jetroyz, Setsura


"Doctor, it is nice to see you on land. Both of us are facing the same war, it is the reason why I am standing here now."


When going through the application procedures, Underflow submitted her career development evaluation file in Ægir. She thoughtfully adjusted the format and translated the content to ensure that the file could be opened smoothly on my computer and the text inside could be read easily by me. But to be honest, it was more like an encyclopedia of Underflow's life than a personnel file. It even described the whole process of the interaction between the one-year-old Underflow and her caregiver in the public foster home with pictures and texts...

When I read the file, Underflow stood upright in front of me, with a shield erected in front of her and a weapon on her waist. As long as I looked up, I would meet her sharp eyes. It was so scary, really so scary. How should I explain that I didn't need to read so many materials to go through the application procedures for her, and how should I explain that it was really embarrassing for me to read these private events in front of her...

Well, I couldn't say anything. In the end I spent seven hours reading the entire file under her gaze. Then, she started asking me what evaluation suggestions I had for her... How could I tell her that I was only responsible for stamping the document?


Talents and Skills

Rarity: 5★ [Welfare]

Archetype: Defender [Sentinel Protector]

Trait: Blocks 3 enemies and attacks from long range.

Talent 1: Attacks cause the target to receive a certain amount of Arts damage every second for several seconds (doubled against [Seaborn] enemies)

Skill 1: When skill is activated, increase ATK and DEF


Skill 2: When skill is activated, extend Attack Range, increase ATK and Attack Speed. Attacks change to firing poisonous fin spines ahead, piercing through enemies and inflicting Slow for a short duration


Other Art and GIFs

E2 Art

Full E2 Art

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