Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Utage: Skills, Talent, Art, GIFs

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A Healthy Itch To Scratch!

Translation help: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server


A new Operator has been announced for Arknights CN!  Utage is a 4★ “Hellagur Archetype” Guard with chimera-ish features, steak-knife nails, broad shoulders, and the Power of purple.

Arknights Utage Full Info

Operator Quote: "Nails are one of a girl’s many charms, it would be a shame not to take care of them!”.

Trait: Will not be actively healed by allies; Recover a certain amount of HP with each attack.

Talent: Increase own attack speed based on HP lost.

Skill 1: Stops attacking, reduce Block to 0, increase Defense, recover HP every second.

Arknights Utage Skill 1 GIF
Skill 1: Nap time!  Feeling sluggish...

Skill 2: Lose a certain amount of HP on deployment, increase Attack for a certain duration and change attack type to Arts damage.

Arknights Utage Skill 2 GIF
Skill 2: Purple power!

Initial thoughts: Utage will be the first Operator of the Hellagur Archetype other than Hellagur himself.  Her Skill 2 seems like it will synergize well with this archetype, and provides an Arts Damage option, which Hellagur does not have.  Her Skill 1 seems niche, with block being reduced to 0 but Defense being increased. It implies a use for tanking ranged physical damage, and it will be interesting to see the final details and how it works in practice.   A very noticeable difference is that Utage seems to be lacking a mechanism for passively regaining HP, which Hellagur has with his second Talent. We will provide more detailed information when it becomes available!

Other Art and Gifs

Arknights Utage E2 Art Cover
Arknights Utage Deploy GIF
Arknights Utage Poke GIF
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