Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Whisperain: Talents, Skills, Art, GIFs.

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Let the Status Resistance Rain Down!

Translation Credits: Jetroyz of the RIHQ Discord, Laulicon#6707


Name: Whisperain

Specialties: medic, first aid, movie critique


"My codename is Whisperain, I'm only a itinerant medic. If you can, just pretend I'm a traveler hiding from the rain, please don't mind me too much..."


Itinerant medic Whisperain, an Aegir from Iberia. She has left traces in many locations, and her more exact experiences are a mystery.

Miss Whisperain has gotten used to wandering from place to place, and rarely stays in one place for long. Thus, our contract with her did not strictly restrict her stay, and her time with us may be short. Although introverted and melancholic, the kind Miss Whisperain is still liked by many operators, and her physical conditions that are not optimistic troubles many medical operators.

Due to several considerations, we obviously would wish for such an excellent medic to stay. But there's one point that must be noted:

No matter if she chooses to leave or stay, we must respect Miss Whisperain's decisions.


Whisperain is a 5★ Wide-Range Medic whose abilities revolve around providing the Status Resistance buff and improving her healing on those that have the buff.

Talents and Skills

Archetype: Wide-Range Medic

Trait: Has a large healing range, but the healing amount on farther targets is reduced to 70%

Talent: Operators within Whisperain's attack range with Status Resistance buff will recover HP equal to a certain amount of Whisperain's ATK every second (unaffected by trait)

Skill 1: The next heal has increased healing amount and will heal an additional target (prioritize targets under abnormal status), and grant them Status Resistance (reduce duration of Stun, Cold and Freeze by 50%) for several seconds.


Skill 2: During Skill activation, decrease Attack Interval. Increase the recovery effect of Whisperain's Talent and every attack grants Status Resistance (reduce duration of Stun, Cold and Freeze by 50%) to the target for several seconds. Infinite duration


First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Whisperain will be only the 3rd Wide-Range Medic to appear in Arknights, with the first two being 5★ Welfare Event Operator Ceylon and 4 ★ Purestream. Ceylon has some fairly notable flaws, and Purestream was only available for purchase with a special limited time Pack, so Whisperain represents a potentially better and more accessible option in this Archetype.

Her focus is clearly around the Status Resistance buff, which seems to be an Archetypal buff at the moment (as both Ceylon and Purestream provide it as well).  Both Skills appear to be decent, with S1 looking more bursty, and S2 providing the buff on every heal (which, unlike Purestream, she does not do by default).

Her Talent will likely give her great synergy with other Operators that have or provide the buff, such as Blaze and Nian.  You can find a list of all the Operators that have or provide the Stats Resistance buff here.

Other Art and GIFs


Full E2 Art

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