Arknights CN: Rogue-like Mode [Integrated Strategies - Ceobe's Fungimist] Play Statistics!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Is there a fungus amongus?

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

On the CN server, the new rogue-like game mode called [Integrated Strategies] debuted on August 15th with an event called [Ceobe's Fungimist].  Details for how this mode was played can be found in this article

It ran during the summer event, alongside the story Event [Gavial The Great Chief Returns].  Full details of the event can be found here:

At the end of September, HG released play statistics of the run of [Ceobe's Fungimist], and were as follows:


In fungimist adventures players obtained 11,341,465,145 pieces of honey cake

A tower of honey cakes growing up in the mist

The susceptive shop sold 108,665,558 items and earned 910,848,561 originium ingots

The power of business spread across the Terra with your help

Rhodes Island provided 10,016,843 kettles for the adventures

Taking a break and eating on time leads to a healthy life, although it's difficult

3,487,270 relics were taken from duck lord and 4,758,793 relics from duck lord's guard

You beat the duck, take away his stuff, where can you find such a good deal?

In [Lost Victorian Knights] incidents: 26.98% of players choose the left half of the coconut shell, 25.98% of players choose the right half, and 47.09% of players chose to ask him back

BTW, What the fuck is the "Holy Originium Grenade"?

Big Bobs' farm has been invaded 12,547,280 times and Big Bob lost 683,310,524 Originium Slugs that used to brew

What wrong did Big Bob do?

​​​​​​​In [A Girl Crying For Help] incident you kindly help her 2,232,402 times and 11,357,501 times knocked her down

They deceived your kindness, and paid for it

Rhodes Islands Temporary Operators were recruited 68,368,879 times

A Pharmaceutical Company always prepared experts in all kinds of aspects

879 players cleared the stage while letting [fake faust, fzm and gravestone] go

That doctor, is really strong indeed
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