Arknights CN: Some Details For [A Walk In The Dust] Content Update

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The Yellow Devil Is In the Details?

Special Thanks: Niko and RIHQ

Now that the [A Walk In The Dust] event has been live for a bit, we have some more details on some of the things mentioned in the maintenance notes, and some other things that were found in the data.

Increase the bouncing range of [Leizi]’s attack, lower the damage decay in each bounce.

Liezi's bounce range increased from 1.5 grids to 1.7 grids.  Passenger's bounce range is 1.8 grids. (source)  Leizi's damage decay per bounce was reduced from 25% to 20%.  Passenger's damage decay per bounce is 20%.  (The general opinion that I've seen so far says that Passenger's meta gameplay performance is not great)

Tweak the English name of [炎狱炎熔][Purgatory]

Lava Alter's name was changed from [Purgatory] to [Lava the Purgatory].  apparently there is some visual alliteration in the CN (but I don't know CN so I don't get it).

lava of the purgatory

Adjust [Earthspirit]’s RIIC Base skill at E1

At E1 [Earthspirit] gains an HR Office Skill that increases HR contacting speed by 45% and increases Morale consumption.  This is one of the highest bonuses in the game, so it will probably be useful for many players.

New Terms Explanation feature. Add some term explanations for some operators’ talent, traits and skill description.

Previously, named effects (like Fragile, status resistance, Camouflage) were defined every place they were used.  The definitions for these named effects were removed and instead now show up in a pop-up when the effect is clicked.  Hopefully this will help ensure consistency of definitions (*cough*EN-Translations*cough*) across multiple uses of the same effect.

Fragile definition displaying in a pop-up

This wasn't mentioned in the maintenance notes, but some Operator Teams/factions and Base skill terms also received the pop-up info treatment.

Base skill popup
Base Skill example

Tweak the skill description of [Sora] s2 but its effect stay unchanged.

The following named status effect was added for Sora named [Inspire] which adds base stats to the target.  This probably means there a plans to give this type of ability to a new Operator at some point in the future.


  • code, sound files, and other hints were found in the game data that have lead players to believe that an Alter version of Skadi will be arriving on the second anniversary.
possible Code for a Skadi Alter Mission (similar to Lava's)
  • some code was found that seems to refer to Kal'tsit as an in-game character instead of an NPC. The code specifically refers to her portrait. It uses the portrait of your operator if you have them, or it uses the NPC portrait if you don't.  The code currently exists for Ch'en in a similar manner.
  • Imagry seems to indicate that the Anniversary event will be Aegir themed. Logos for AEgir and Iberia were found, and the event logo shown in the Developer notes is the AEgir symbol
Event Symbol
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