Arknights CN: Support System Update Preview

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

A More Supportive Support System!

Translation Credit: Nightsky

Some updates will be coming to the Support system (finally!!!).  It looks like this will be an improvement for players who are frustrated with the current system, and how frustrating it can be when trying to find specific supports.  Here is what has been announced so far:(source)


The new Support system will divide support Operators into their classes and each class has maximum of 9 choices. You can switch the classes and select the support operator you need of corresponding class.


The new system will have revamped refresh rules:

  • Support List will be refreshed after clicking the "Refresh" button or after a stage is cleared with a support operator.
  • There is no daily refresh limit, but each refresh has a small cooldown interval, which increases every time a refresh is done.
  • The cooldown interval will be reset after 10 minutes of no refreshes
  • Friend Support and System Recommendation Support appear on the same page and will be refreshed at the same time.

After the update, the System Recommendation support operator will use the skill selected by the owner with maximum skill level 7. You can use the System Recommendation support operator or add the corresponding player as friend by clicking it.


The new support system will be implemented on mid April.


This is probably what my new Support page will look like (source):

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