Arknights: [Code Of Brawl Rerun] Coming Next!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

[Code Of Brawl] Rerun Coming Next!

The [Code of Brawl] Event rerun featuring Mostima and Bison has been announced as the next event, running for 10 days from May 14 - May 24.  The previously announced CC season will run after that.


  • This is NOT a farming event.  event stages do not drop elite materials, but they have first-clear rewards and Mission rewards.
  • Player progress from the original event is carried over to the rerun, meaning first-clear rewards for stages cannot be earned by players who cleared the stage in a previous run.
  • The Mositma rate-up banner will be re-run
  • Bison will be the welfare Operator
  • For full details, see the CN event page
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