Arknights: Contingency Contract Event Confirmed for "Middle of June"! Will Code of Brawl Come First?

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

CCC: Contingency Contract Confirmation


The Arknights JP Twitter Account has confirmed what we have all been speculating: the Contingency Contract Event will be coming soon!  Furthermore, it stated (from what I could tell using Google Translate) that the Event will be coming "in the middle of June".  Many people expected that the CC Event would start when the current "Free Sanity" Event ended on June 2, but that now does NOT appear to be the case.

So what will happen between June 2nd and the "middle of June"?  Many people are speculating that we will get the Code of Brawl Event featuring 6* AoE Caster Mostima.  This event has new Operators, Story Stages, and a shop.  On CN, Code  of Brawl ran at the same time as the Contingency Contract event.  However, they are not directly connected in any way, so it is definitely possible that they could be run separately for global. 

Wondering what the Contingency Contract event is all about and how to prepare?  See the following pages for more information.

Want more information on the Code of Bawl Event? You can find the details on the Event page here:

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