Arknights: Contingency Contract Season #1 [Operation Pyrite] Coming in November!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien


Multiple official sources have announced that the next Contingency Contract Event: Season #1 [Operation Pyrite] will be coming in "Mid November".  The exact date has not been announced, but it is interesting to note that CC#0 was announced to be coming in "Mid September" and it arrived on September 10th.  

What's New

New to Season #1 will be a new Manticore Skin and a rerun of the Perfumer Skin added to the Cross-Seasonal (permanent) Store:

The most efficient infinite material from the seasonal store will be RMA70-12.  To see which Operators need this material for upgrades, you can check the material page here:

Here is the summary of new items in the two stores:

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 11.51.10 AM

The Vanguard tokens might be of interest to people looking to increase the Potential of Bagpipe.

For more info on the Cross-seasonal and seasonal stores, along with a a farming guide, their pages can be found here:

Contracts and Stages

Crownslayer makes an appearance in this CC's permanent stage:

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 11.54.42 AM

The full set of contracts, missions, and map info for the permanent stage can be found on this page:

Daily Stage Contracts, Maps, and Missions can be found on the Daily Stages page:

Refresher or New Player Help

If you are new to CC or would like some tips or refreshers, these pages might help:

But What Is Next?!

The question remains.... "But happens in-between?"  And the answer is, "We don't know exactly".  There are several potential Events that could happen between the current event and the next CC.  People have been guessing it might be [Daknights' Memoir], [Episode 7], or even [Twilight of Wolumonde].  To see the list of CN events that have happened so you can guess for yourself, you can check out the CN Event List here:

It seems fairly likely, however, that at the very least CC#1 will be coming before the W Banner, which means Elysium, Weedy, and W will not be available for Global CC#1, and there are many high risk CN clears that rely on some of these Operators.  Looks like Global might have to do its own homework this time!!

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