Arknights: Different 2nd Anniversary Web Rewards For Different Players?

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Article by Alyeska

Gacha in the Rewards?

Special Thanks: Drails

A 2nd Anniversary website was launched yesterday that includes a log-in type event that gives in-game rewards to players that participate.  Players are reporting seeing 2 different reward sets.

This is the reward set that appears to be the more common one:

Reward Set 1

Here is a different reward set that players are reporting, and seems to be less common:

Reward Set 2

It looks like they've added another gacha to our gacha, this time in the form of possible event rewards!  Let me know below which one YOU have!

On a side note, players that used a salted email for their account (a common re-roll strategy) have reported not being able to sign in the site.  Players whose accounts are bound using a salted email must re-bind their account using a different method in order to log in and receive rewards.

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Which Reward Set Do YOU Have?

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