Arknights EN: Operational Intelligence Event and Magallan Banner To Start March 25th

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

The March of the Penguin!

Arknights Operational Intelligence

Our guesses have been confirmed, and we've been given dates!  Operational Intelligence along with the Magallan Banner will be Arriving on March 25th and will run until April 8th.  This is sooner than many people expected, which is great news for people who are ready to dive into the next Event.

An interesting difference from the CN run of the Event is that ours will run for 2 weeks, where the CN run was only 1 week.  Will they expand the Event Store rewards to reflect the longer running time?  We will know very soon.

The Event will include new Operations, a store, new skins, new furniture, a new welfare Operator Flamebringer, and the Magallan banner along with Vermeil and Executor

All the details and more can be found on our Operational Intelligence Event Pages here:

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