Arknights: Episode 8 Material and Farming Updates!

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Material and Farming Updates!

This article discusses the new materials added with Episode 8, and the stages that are the new "most efficient" for farming their respective material drop

New Materials

You can find the Operators that need these materials, and the number they need, by visiting the material pages.

T3: Crystalline Component

This is the only material added that will be directly farmed for.  The most efficient stage for farming it is R8-11.  For those that haven't cleared through chapter 8, it will also drop from Sub stages in Episode 3 and 5.  Here is the full list of stages where it drops:

Crystal T3 Drops

Like other T4 materials, there are some stages that have a very low chance of dropping this material directly, but the primary way to get it will be through crafting.  Crafting it will require use of the T3 of the three materials added after launch: Gel, Alloy, and Crystals.

Stage drops:

Stage Drops

Workshop formula:


T5: Crystalline Electroassembly

This is the new T5 material with the name that is far too long.  It does not drop from any stages, and so must be crafted, which requires the use of the T4 versions of the 3 materials added after launch: Gel, Alloy, and Crystals.  This material is the reason many people were hard-farming Gel during the [Maria Nearl] event.

Workshop Formula:

Crystal T4 formula

Stages With Improved Material Drop Rates

Several stages added with Episode 8 will become the new most efficient source for farming their main material drop.  These include:

  • Aketon: JT8-3 (replaces 4-5)
  • Crystal Element: : R8-11
  • Incandescent Alloy: R8-7 (replaces 6-12)
  • Coagulating Gel: JT8-2 (replaces 7-8)

Here is an up-to-date farming efficiency image courtesy of Neia and friends:

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