Arknights: Free [Texas] And How To Get Her!

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Free Texas And How To Get Her!

In the next content patch, players will be able to receive a free copy of Texas by completing 9 new Pinboard missions!  The new missions being added and their rewards are as follows:


Pinboard phases 1-7 must be completed before phase 8 is unlocked.  details for those Pinboard missions can be found here:

The are 2 new Phase 8 mission that might require some work/decisions for some players to achieve

1. The mission for setting 3 Support Operators requires a level 3 Reception Room.  If you are running at lower level than that, you will have to upgrade to complete the mission, and the reception room cannot be downgraded once it is upgraded.  You'll have to decide which is more important/better for you.

2. The one for getting "total Dorm ambience to 5k". If players are running a maximum efficient 2-5-2 base, then they likely have 4 dorms at level 1, which does not reach the required 5k ambience total. These players will need to temporarily downgrade a left-side facility and upgrade a dorm to reach this requirement, and then revert once the mission has been completed.

For those that don't yet have Texas, rejoice in obtaining a great Operator!  For those that have her, enjoy the certs!

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