Arknights: [Gavial The Great Chief Returns] Event Summary

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Summertime in Terra!

Whatever season it might be for you, it is summertime in Terra, as [Gavial The Great Chief Returns] was the 2020 summer event for CN! (In case you were wondering why everyone is in a swimsuit or pirate-suit).

Event Period: Two weeks, 2/25 - 3/11

Event Countdown Timer

Unlock condition: Clear 1-10

Event description: Event Stages only will drop currency that can be used to buy stuff from an event store (details later).  The event currency is:

Event stages will be separated into two parts:

  • [Path of Great Chief]: normal stages that drop event currency and elite materials, open the entire event.  (the stages we farm)
  • [Gavial's Footprint]: EX and Challenge stages, open on the second week, first-clear rewards only. (the stages we don't farm)

Stage first clear summary:

Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.26.08 PM

There will be new enemies and mechanics

More details on the stages can be found :

Event Missions

  • There will be Event missions for clearing stages and other milestones.
  • Mission Rewards:
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.33.00 PM
  • Tomimi is the event welfare Operator, and an ST Caster

Full Mission Info:

Event Store

  • Store Summary
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.37.15 PM
  • Store Efficiencies (source: PeterYR)
  • Full Store details can be found here:

Farming Guide

Note numbers will be updated for global when exact start, end, and maintenance times are known.

  • Event Currency only drops from Normal Event Stages.
  • Total needed to clear shop: 5219
  • Total from Event Missions: 900
  • Total from First Clear rewards: 940 (440 from normal Stages 500 from EX stages)
  • Remaining currency needed from normal Event stages: 3379
  • Currency drops at a rate of 1:1 for sanity spent,  so 3379 Sanity is needed on normal event Stages
  • Sanity required for First clear of EX and Challenge mode: 250
  • Total Sanity required to clear the Store: 3629
  • One week of Annihilation will require around 125 Sanity.
  • Total Sanity required is 3754
  • The event runs for 2 weeks, so natural Sanity regen supplies 3360.  The weekly mission Top pots give an extra 200 per week, for a total of 400, or 600 if you saved from the week before.  Total possible of f2p regen is about 3760
  • Natural sanity is juuuuuust enough to clear the shop.
  • F2P players should be able to clear the shop if they save pots and spend sanity efficiently.
  • The monthly pack provides an additional 840 sanity over 2 weeks, for a total of 4600, so monthly pass players will have enough to clear the shop if they spend efficiently.

T3 Materials Farmable From Event Stages

  • RI-8 - RMA70-12
  • RI-7 - Sugar Pack
  • RI-6 - Orirock Cluster
  • Farming efficiencies (Source: Neia): RI-6 is good.  RI-7 and RI-8 are great.  If in doubt, farm RMA.
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 3.49.17 PM

New Headhunt 【Heart of Steel, The Rage Ironhide】

Event period: 2/25 - 3/18 (note the 3 week run time)

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Eunectes - Duelist Defender
5★ Rate Up Flint - Brawler Guard
Meteorite - AoE Sniper
4★ Rate Up Aciddrop - Close-Range Sniper
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
  • 4★ Rate-Ups have a 20% chance of appearing when pulling a 4★
  • Operator Feature Banners do not add Operators to the Distinction shop
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[Heart of Steel, The Rage Ironhide] Summon Simulator!

New Game Mode: Integrated Strategies [Ceobe's Fungimist]

Event Period: 2/25 - 3/18

Unlock Condition: Clear 3-8 and Event Stages RI-1

Event Description: [Integrated Strategies] is a  rogue-like game mode.  For each run of this mode, the player builds up a team from scratch using recruit permits supplied by the mode.  The team is strengthened by Relics that are collected along the way, as the player chooses 1 of many possible paths consisting of 8 different types of nodes.  Whether successfully completed or miserably failed, the player starts over and plays again, with the random events and items changing the path and experience every time.There is no Sanity required to play, and each run typically takes around 20-30 minutes.

  • Event currency:
  • Event Ladder Reward Summary
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.06.12 PM


  •  if you don't want to spoil yourself then there is no need to: The mode doesn't cost any sanity, and currency for the milestone is gained and kept no matter how well (or poorly) the player does.
  • For the last week, a mode will be added to unlock all beginning line-up and inventories, which allows players to experience this new mode in all aspects.
  • For a full explanation of this mode see the following:
  • A list of the Items/Relics can be found here:

New 【Coral Coast】 series Skins

  • [Coral Coast] Collection: "Explorer SKm01-DX" Silverash
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Coral Coast]Collection: "Summer Night FA333" Ceobe
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Coral Coast] Collection: "Explorer SK03" Croissant
    • Cost: 15 OP

[Coral Coast] Skin Series Rerun

New Furniture Theme [Tribal Inn]

Obtain method:

  • from event stages, missions, and store.
  • Furniture shop

Total Ambiance: 5000

Total Cost: 2,415 Furniture Parts or 12 Originite Prime

Fee 10 Pull

Players will receive a free 10 pull as a celebration reward!

Event Medals

Event medal details can be found here. or here:


  • NOTE: The CN event page has information for skin and banner reruns.  it is highly unlikely those will be happening in global.  more info.
  • Event related OST featuring Eunectes:
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