Arknights: Global Will Repeat Thorns Banner "Mistake" Despite Developer Apology and Promise

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Repeated Mistake Or Best Path Forward?

Global has released a preview for Jaye, which means the Thorns Banner [Unbound Reflux], will be coming with the [Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection] that will be arriving on Jan 20th.  This banner had quite a bit of controversy surrounding its CN release, which lead the developers to issue a public apology and promise not to repeat their mistake in the future.

The CN Controversy Explained

The [Unbound Reflux] banner was oringally launched on CN on 08-11-2020 along with their first rerun event: [Heart of Surging Flame Retrospection] (note that this is different from Global, that received the Grani event as its first rerun).  As we all know now, rerun stages do not award Originite Prime to players that have already completed them in the original run, but this was an unpleasant surprise to many CN players.

There were two major complaints from CN Players:

  • 1. The rerun event introduced new operators and skins, but offered no new Originite Prime.  This left many players with no resources to roll the new banner or acquire the new skins.
  • 2. Players were concerned about introducing too many new Operators without sufficient development of their backstory, thus neglecting the deep roots of lore that many players love about the game.

Developer Response

On August 8th, 3 days after the event was officially announced, the developers issued the following apology and promise, along with a future plan and compensation:

Thanks for your focus and support of Arknights. Due to the long period of summer events, large quantity of content and improper arrangement, we're sorry for bringing confusion to players about the arrangement of the events. Meanwhile, the description of [Heart of Surging Flame] Retrospection is not complete and detailed. In order to introduce the future arrangement of summer events and retrospection, devteam added this Dev news here to show more about the mechanism of summer event and retrospection.

We are devoted to provide brand new events, gameplay and contents to everyone and this is what we mainly focus on in our future development and operation. While the retrospective event only functions as a complement of game contents rather than the major part of the game. There will be no new Operators introduced in future retrospection events. 

With the retrospection events, our intention is to provide an opportunity for players to retrospect on past game content between two new major events. So all the retrospection events will be implemented in an abbreviated form from the original, where the gaming time, total number of rewards in event shop (that may require sanity), rewards in gameplay and rewards from mission will be greatly decreased. Future retrospection events will be run in a similar abbreviated way in terms of sanity cost and gaming time, and the core of the retrospection event will mainly aim at the content.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for new players to get the one-off rewards. For players who earned the rewards in the original event, we will provide Headhunting resources and materials in the Intelligence Certs shop. Meanwhile, we will add some new stories in retrospection events to enrich the story and gaming experience. In summer event of this year, devteam prepared [Gavial, the Great Chief Returns] and [Ceobe's Fungimist] as the main part of the summer events.

Compensation and Banner Reruns

As compensation to CN players for the controversy, they offered the following:


The full details of the developer announcement and compensation awards can be found here:

Will Global Get the Banner Reruns and Free 10 Roll?

The big question now is, of course: Will Global get the banner reruns and free 10 roll that CN received?  As of now, nothing has been announced.

Let me know what you think will, or should, happen in the comment below.

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