Arknights Hits 1,000,000 Pre-Registrations, Gives More Rewards

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More Rewards! As If Finally Having A Release Date Wasn’t Enough!

The announcements from Yoster keep coming hot and heavy, as directly on the heels of giving us a release date and opening iOS for pre-order, they are now gifting additional Pre-Registration Rewards. Total Pre-reg count has broken the 1 million mark, and to celebrate, players will receive the following rewards:

  • A 5* Operator Exchange Voucher that can be redeemed for one of the following 5* Operators: Silence, Liskarm, Projekt Red, or Pramanix.
  • A New Operators’ Resource Pack that includes currencies for leveling Operators and their skills.
  • A Beginners Supply that gives 3800 Ordinum (a currency that can be used to summon new Operators.

These join the rewards already earned by the campaign:

  • 300,000 Lungment Dollar
  • 3 Headhunting permits
  • 9 Recruitment permits
  • 15 Expedited Plan
  • Limited Operator: Savage
  • 8 Originite Prime
  • Commemorative Furniture for decorating the Dormitory

All players will receive these rewards on launch, Pre-registration is not required to obtain them. For more information on Pre-Registration rewards, you can visit their official website here.

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