Arknights: IS2 -Crimson Solitaire- Final Update

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Article by harezora

Monthly Squad: Temporary Partners
Carnelian, Nearl, Earthspirit
A gold collar pin holds the past of the ruin of a royal family. Behind every person are people and things that they mind.

Monthly Contracts
Castle Notes increase to Level 155

Monthly Contracts will update for a final time. Last month's contracts will not continue. You may refresh the contracts 4 times.

After 4am on 1 September, Monthly Contracts will stop refreshing and will not appear on the Terminal.

All content updates of Phantom and Crimson Solitaire will cease with this one. Playing this theme and the reward contents of Castle Notes will be permanent.

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Just a female Doctor with overflowing love for husbandos and the deep lore of the Arknights story.

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